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  1. My system smells – is that normal?
  2. Is the sprayed effluent safe?
  3. What happens if the power fails?
  4. What should I do when the alarm (RED or YELLOW LED) comes on?
  5. What if the system floods or overflows?
  6. Are there any household chemicals that I shouldn’t use?

My system smells – is that normal?

No. However you may notice some smells in some circumstances. When a system is first installed it might take some time for the scum to form on the septic chamber. Check that the air blower is operating and that plentiful bubbles of air are rising in the aeration chamber. If smells persist you should check your use of household chemicals (eg. disinfectants, bleaches) as they can react with the system biology and kill off some of the bugs that treat the sewage. Excessive water flows can overload the system  try to spread washing loads over 2-3 days if possible.

Is the sprayed effluent safe?

Your ES10PC when operating correctly will produce effluent at the prescribed quality. Although the effluent has been disinfected it should not be used for drinking. Surface or subsurface irrigation has been extensively tested and is considered to be the best known practice today. You should avoid direct contact with the spray and children and pets should be kept away from the effluent. Please note that it should not be irrigated onto crops for human consumption. Please don't hesitate to contact Earthsafe Environmental if you are unsure or require further testing for your peace of mind.

What happens if the power fails?

The ES10PC has sufficient capacity to treat and store 24 hours wastewater. Should a blackout occur you need not worry unduly provided power is restored within the 24 – 36 hours. If for any reason the power is switched off at the tank (or the earth leakage circuit breaker trips for any reason) you should investigate immediately or contact Earthsafe Environmental for further advice.

What should I do when the alarm (RED or YELLOW LED) comes on?

When the alarm trips MUTE the system (using the switch on the alarm panel) and contact Earthsafe Environmental. Sometimes the problem can be easily fixed over the phone alternatively the Earthsafe Environmental / Agent will check the system within 24 hours of your phone call.

What if the system floods or overflows?

It is possible for the tank to flood or overflow. If your property is subject to extensive rainfall and flooding, your tank may be flooded by the excessive rainwater. The circuit breaker at your house should shut the power and protect the system. You should not reconnect the power until the water level falls again. Contact Earthsafe Environmental / Agent for advice before reconnecting power to the system. It is also possible for the pump to fail, irrigation filter/lines to become blocked or the power to fail for some reason. In such events, the water level in the tank could rise and flood the system and eventually flow out of the lid. Usually the alarm and RED or YELLOW LED should have warned you of the situation. Contact Earthsafe Environmental / Agent immediately for advice and appropriate action to take.

Are there any household chemicals that I shouldn’t use?

Generally speaking your ES10PC system is robust and can be treated as if you have “flush and forget” central sewage. It is desirable that you try to use recommended biodegradable products wherever possible in place of harsh chemicals, bleaches and strong detergents. Do not dispose of sanitary napkins, disposable nappies or similar solids into the system. Avoid excess fats and grease from the kitchen whenever possible.