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Design Criteria Earthsafe Environmental Model ES10PC

Aerated Wastewater System                              Non Conventional


10 persons at the following rates per person day

  • 150 litres per day
  • 70 grams BOD5
  • 70 grams suspended solids
  • 15 grams total nitrogen
  • 2.5 grams total phosphorous

Anaerobic Chamber

  • 3247 litres
  • Minimum size allowed based on AS1546 is 24 hours retention and 3 years sludge retention + 3050 litres
  • Divided into tow compartments – primary 1 = 66% capacity, primary 2 = 34% capacity

Aerobic Chamber

  • 2852 litres which is 45.6 hours detention or 285.2 litres per person
  • Media surface area 200m2/m3 – refer attached specification sheet
  • Based on 8.42 grams BOD5 removed per m2 surface area


  • 1000 litres at 250mm below top of insert
  • 1600 litres total freeboard prior to over flow into chlorination and pump well chamber
  • Based on 8.42 grams BOD5 removed per m2 surface area

Air Supply

  • Model Hiblow HP80 Blower or equivalent – refer attached specifications
  • Minimum D.O. Level 2.0mg/L

Clarifying Chamber

  • 0.5289m2 surface area
  • 460 litres – 7.36 hours retention
  • Sludge hopper minimum 55degrees to horizontal

Disinfection Chamber

  • 165 litres
  • Based on maximum flow 5L.P.M at high flows. Contract time will be 33 minutes
  • Adjustment cap to increase or decrease chlorination
  • 2 chlorine canisters standards with space to add third canister if required
  • Maintains free chlorine residual of 0.2 to 2mg/L
  • Minimum 4 months chlorine storage

Irrigation Chamber

  • 165 litres
  • Dab600 irrigation pump or equivalent minimum – refer attached specification

Concrete Tanks

  • Must be accredited by Director general of NSW Health


  • All components stainless steel or other non corroding material
  • Plastic and perishable components will retain their integrity under normal operating conditions
  • All components to be firmly fixed to withstand loads encountered during transpiration, installation and normal operation
  • All mechanical and electrical equipment not designed for submergence will be above maximum water level of system
  • All equipment suitable for continuous and intermittent operation

Alarm System

  • Audible and visual alarms with muting facility for the audible alarm
  • Alarm indication for electrical, blower and pump failure
  • Mute switch will reset after 24 hours
  • Alarm will be visible from residence
  • All wiring in accordance with AS3000 “Electrical Installation – Buildings Structures and Premises”


  • Maximum 55 DB (A) at 1 meter